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Burbank Locksmith - 24 hour locksmiths in Burbank

Burbank Locksmith is your your 24 hour locksmith in Bubank California for any home security problem. With professional Burbank locksmiths 24 hour locksmith services at hand for residents of Burbank, Los Angeles County, California your security is at safe hands. Our lock and key safety technicians use the latest locksmith tools in Burbank, CA and are experts in lockpicking, locking and unlocking door locks and installing modern home security alarm systems.

Burbank Locksmith Services (818) 392-8572:
  • 24 Hour Locksmith
  • Safe opening and installation
  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Key duplication and key cutting
  • Auto Locksmith for Burbank, CA roads and suburbs
  • Lock instalaltion and rekey
  • Our services are also available to any on location media studio in Burbank!
Burbank, California deserves a new level of home security standards and safety. This is why Burbank Locksmith offers a 24 hour locksmith in Burbank call line for all emergency locksmith needs. Whether you are living in San Fernando or in Burbank itself a locksmith can get to you in a minimum amount of time and help you out with any locked gate, locked house or auto car locksmith trouble you might have.

As a major part of the motion picture industry, with Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers Studios and NBC TV Studios located in the city, Burbank is a key factor in today's entertainment industry. Burbank Locksmith understands how demanding the motion picture industry is (late hours, on location filming and tons of pressure) and how Burbank residents need a local locksmith service that can help them out 24 Hours a day and offer innovative home security solutions. The Locksmith Burbank team takes up this challenge by offering various home security products and services.

Locksmith Products:
  • Home Security - Burbank Locksmith offers home alarm system installation, CCTV, intercom systems and motion detecting and surveilance security systems.
  • Locks - Find the perfect security lock for your house. From door locks to high end security locks our locksmiths can suggest the right type of lock to suit your needs (magnetic locks, padlocks and deadbolts also available).
  • Keys - Get that access key to your study or that digital key and card key for your garage. All locksmith keys are especially designed for easier access and higher security. We also sell traditional and collectible skeleton keys.
  • Safes and Vaults - Have a hard copy you need to keep for your eyes only? why not use one of our wall safes for it? The ideal place to keep personal possessions and important documentation and media, be it a sound score, and editing sketch or a first film copy is a safe. Today's home safes and vaults offer a credible level of security so why not check one out? We carry floor safes, combination safes and security safes.
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